About Us

The FRIKIN.TECH gorilla is homage to our core.  We are car dealers.  We are also technologists.  And we are bringing a solution that is going to make you, your employees, and your customers happy.

In a time where technology providers have served to make dealership process easier, they have not innovated to help dealers create a better customer experience.  They are taking the easy road; chasing the easy dollars.  They are not addressing the real challenge dealerships have:  gaining the customer’s trust.

We would love to say it is a matter of incompetence, but that isn’t the problem.  They have smart engineers and intelligent executives who are backed by friendly support staff and aggressive sales agents.  What they’re lacking is an understanding of what it is like to pay the bills off of selling cars.  They have not been held accountable by the dealer principal’s version of the financial statement.  They have not been eaten alive by the customer’s emotions.  It is a black and white world to them.  Dealerships are gray.

We know, we get it.  And when the time comes we will hop on the desk and show your sales managers the gorilla on the roof crushes the desk monkey’s grosses!  To beat our chests more, we will watch in amusement as the competition tries to make a car deal happen online. When that fails you can feel confident that a better solution is on the horizon.

FRIKIN.TECH is friktionless technologies.  We are the real 10,000lb gorilla!

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