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that puts everyone on the same page

Friction | ˈfrikSH(ə)n |


the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another: a lubrication system that reduces friction.

the action of one surface or object rubbing against another: the friction of braking.

conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions: a considerable amount of friction between father and son.

Frictionless | ˈfrikSHənləs |


not impeded by or creating friction; smooth: a compass needs to have a lightweight magnet and a frictionless bearing.

achieved with or involving little difficulty; effortless: a frictionless payment solution.



FRIKINtech is short for Friktionless Technologies.

Today:  illumiQuote

Car deals require a vehicle and a price. 90% of the time they also require a payment. Payments are incredibly complex, and even more so when they are lease payments.

Only a car dealer possesses the tools necessary to compute all the components of a car payment. This makes the financials of a car deal very mysterious to the consumer, creating a level of distrust for the dealer.

Due to these complexities some dealers will not quote a payment outside of the showroom. They prefer to show it all on paper.

illumiQuote gives dealers the power to enhance consumer trust by empowering their customers, with all the choices and levers to control their own payment.

The dealer just plugs in a selling price, and then sends a link to the customer.  The customer selects his or her bank then calculates with the number of months, miles driven, money put down and can alternate between a lease or a loan to find the program that best suits individual wants. All these levers can be pulled at home, on the road, or in the dealership. It is the customer’s choice.

With illumiDeal the dealership sales agent does not need to walk into that mysterious office in the back of the store.  It takes all the power of illumiQuote, but puts it in the dealership showroom.

illumiQuote and illumiDeal‘s goal is to eliminate the first moment a customer loses trust in the dealer:  the one where it feels like the dealer is conspiring against the customer on the numbers.  

2020:  illumiSites

If you have read this far we thank you. We hope you are scratching your head asking, “But fellas, where is the friktionless stuff?”

illumiSites puts illumiQuote  and strategically puts it inside the dealership’s website. The dealer’s customers will be able to imitate deals, online, instead of having to be approached by a sales agent on the lot. The actual deal!

We will supply the dealer with a full website replacement that allows the customer to login to manage his or her own vehicle journey.

Interacting with the dealership will be immediate. The customer will be doing it in the dealer’s website, while the dealer will be reciprocated with a deeper understanding of who the customer is.

We know customers want to trust who they choose to buy and service their car with. The dealer wants to provide customers the transparency they are asking for, but has never been provided the ability to do so.

We will bridge that gap.

Later: vRM

The relationship between a dealer and customer is fully based on the vehicle.


All other automotive CRM systems predicate the relationship solely on the sales agent and customer. They also set the stage for the relationships to be adversarial.

Pitting the customer against the sales agent and then the agent against the manager is asinine.

vRM is a fully re-imagined CRM that puts all parties on the same page with the same information, with the vehicle at the center of the conversation. Dealers and customers literally will be on the same page. Everyone is even going to use the same screens.

We are also getting rid of all that head-exploding configuration for a robotic (we hate to use the phrase artificial intelligence) model that handles things based on how the software is used.  Say goodbye to the linear process paths that are created during the CRM’s implementation and never have changed for years.

Old illumiSites MOCKS

TEST DRIVE illumiQuote

Coming Soon


In combining operational and marketing softwares, there will be large databases to manage. Customers and dealers will be logging into the FRIKINtech universe.
We will see when one customer visits multiple dealerships. We will know when that customer buys a car and be able to automate all of our dealers’ databases to be applicable to the customer’s reality. This will be a major change in how dealers do direct marketing.

Because we will be the first to have all customers log into a tool, we will be the first to have a national automotive database.

Just scratching the surface of ideas, think about the kind of personalized programs airlines, hotels, and even Amazon do. Our system is truly a unique personalized program that completely changes the buying experience.

Adoption Approach

Dealers are fatigued from multiple vendor cold calls daily.

We plan to inject some fun into the process!

C’mon now, what would you expect from a company called frikin?

FRIKINtech‘s initial marketing is deeply rooted to DealerRefresh considered the vanguard of introducing new ideas.

Our first target messaging is to the elite of the automotive intellectuals. They are already our friends and former coworkers, and acceptance by this group opens doors to other levels of the industry.

It also follows the product adoption curve.

Product Adoption Curve

What about Millennials?

FRIKINtech will be the only system available to the modern manager. It is coded on modern technology that is flexible to any device without need for a special app to download. The user experience is tuned to be purposefully simple. Millennials are focused on the immediate need. Training is a waste of time. Bloated software with buried functionality will not be the future.

Movado watches acquires Millennial MVMT brand

Watch company Mvmt (pronounced movement) is set to be acquired by Movado Group Inc. for $100 million, the companies announced Aug. 15.

“The acquisition of Mvmt will provide us greater access to millennials,” said Movado chief executive Efraim Grinberg in a statement. “This announcement comes on the heels of last year’s successful acquisition of our millennial-focused brand, Olivia Burton.”

What about the coming recession?

  • Dealers are well funded and capitalized.
  • Cars are always going to be serviced.
  • Lease portfolios will keep new car sales flowing.
  • Used cars start with the new car. 

Software that support operations and sales can not go anywhere. These are non-cancelable tools.  In order to meet regulatory rules, the dealership’s own processes, and the manufacturer’s franchise policies these softwares must be utilized.