GDPR will hinder your fancy digital marketing

Since May of 2018 we have had to hit "accept" on everything we touch online.  Talk about annoying.  Aside from that it is a show of how flat the world is online.  European legislation is now legislating in America.  But don't get too bent out of shape on that front...

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Why the technology friction?

Have you considered that the pursuit of a quick dollar has reinforced confrontational roles in the dealership?  Yeah, it never occurred to us when we were selling cars either.  It was just the way of the world. But lets start with the three foremost customer...

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Customers aren’t abusive

Customers are the devil! ....said by no salesperson ever. Only 2% of customers try to abuse the dealer’s programs and goodwill.  That means 2% of your customers will send your quotes directly to your competition and it the same reason why the majority of your...

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Technology is handcuffed to time

Technology changes fast.  If you think it is impressive how quickly a new phone comes out you cannot even imagine how fast the coding languages change!  What this means is the whole way something is built can become outdated over night.  Do you recall a time when...

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Desking a car deal needs to change

Car dealerships are still desking deals like they're selling Ford Model Ts.  Yes, yes, yes, and sure, there are payments and leases and balloons and computers and CRM systems and all the modern age stuff.  But that deal is still presented to a customer in the...

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The Gorilla is coming

A gorilla on the roof isn't just attractive, it is homage to the founders of FRIKIN.TECH's roots.  We are successful car guys who teamed-up with successful technologists with the mission of reseting the way customers work with car dealers.  We are armed with decades...

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